In this day and age, with the advent of social media and online personalities and lives; we need to ensure that we focus on our personal branding. Now companies hire people on the basis of what their personal branding is like. Or if you are an entrepreneur or a single person business, you need to work on your personal branding so that people will do business with you.

Here are some great ways of developing your personal brand and building business for yourself:

  1. Social Media

These days social media is a very powerful tool. Even companies check the social media accounts of the candidates that apply for a job. Thus ensuring all your social media accounts are updated with your information and pictures is always a good idea. As well as making sure your posts are not offensive to anyone. If you present a good picture to the company it might show them that you are a good fit for them hence they will be more likely to hire you.

  1. Merchandising

If you are a sole business person running your own business such as a realtor or a lawyer, it is a good idea to merchandise! It might sound weird but it is a great way to make people remember your name. Getting key chains, hats, mugs and more with your name on it will remind people of you and when they are in need of your services they will most likely call you. Merchandising can be a great way of building business for yourself.

  1. Look at Your Competition

Just because you are a person and not a business does not mean you do not have any competition. You need to look at other people working in the same sector as you to see what they bring to the table. If they have certain certifications which are valuable to your niche then it is a good idea to get the same or better qualification as well. Branding is not just about your own personal brand but also about looking at competition and staying above the curve.

  1. Your Drive

The most important part of your own personal branding is what you believe in and what drives and motivates you to do better. You need to craft a personal statement and response which can define and describe everything you care about. This is a great way to let interviewers know whether you are a right fit for them.

  1. Be Expressive

Share your experience in a story telling form; make it interesting for the interviewer to know what you have done and what you are capable of. Listing down your skills will not interest them as much as a story which illustrates the use of your skill. Thus a compelling narrative is always important. Make sure it is not too lengthy and detailed, practice so that you can get the perfect balance.

Your personal brand is incredibly important these days, and these tips will help you establish it greatly.

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