It is incredibly important these days to work on your personal brand. Your personal brand is not the item you sell or the company or label you own; it is you, yourself! You need to ensure that as a person you come across as appealing and confident so you are sought after. Once you make your personal brand strong, the job offers and other opportunities will come knocking on your door.

So what are some aspects you need to work on when considering revamping your personal brand?

  1. Pictures

Research has proven time and again, that people respond more positively to visuals and videos. If you can make a video of yourself for your website, that would be amazing and a great step towards upping your personal branding game but if that does not sound possible then you need to invest in good head shots. Get a professional to take your pictures in flattering lighting and poses. This will help people see who is behind the resume or who is behind the business.

  1. Synthesize

These days people search others’ names on search engines all the time. So make sure you use your real name on all social media platforms so that you are easily discoverable online. This makes you more recognizable and easy to reach. As far as branding goes this is very important to your personal brand. If you are building business from scratch you need to be easily found so people can talk about possible business deals and ventures with you.

  1. Purpose

You need to define your goals to both yourself and those around you very clearly. You need to determine what makes you tick and where you want to see yourself in a certain number of years. Entrepreneurship dreams or building business, none of it will matter unless you know exactly what you want. Have a well defined purpose and goals so only people who can help you with your goals approach you and vice versa.

  1. Analyze Competition

Even if you are a private individual searching for jobs, you will have competitors who you will need to stay ahead of. To do this you must know your competition, hence you should always keep up with them and see what they’re doing. If they are merchandising, you should consider it as well. Analyze their personal branding strategy and see if you can change something in yours to make yours better as well.